45th Street Bungalow


Sometimes our projects are just a little closer to home and this is one of them. I first met TL at a photography class, a shared hobby quickly developed into a deep friendship. When she decided to purchase her first home I was along to trek through possibilities and give my blessing (or not).

Here is the thing, my friend is one of the most awesome cooks I have ever met and I had a hard time giving her my blessing on this one. I mean, how would she do what she loves? What about all of those boisterous wine filled dinners with tables filled with friends I loved being part of?

She was certain that THIS was the house. I was not. I am glad she was certain. When it came time to do this remodel on her 900 s.f. house she said only one thing. "I trust you".

She is a teacher and has traveled the world teaching in Sri Lanka, visiting Thailand and Vietnam and it was important that I surround her with all of the things that she loved. We removed a formal Dining room and made a glorious eat in kitchen and it was ready just in time for her first harvest from the garden.