Fort Calhoun Modern Farmhouse


The first words my client said were, "We didn't buy it for the house". After lots of searching for the perfect property they found an amazing acreage with sweeping views and plenty of room for horses to roam and kids to grow. But my-oh-my, what a house we acquired...

This was a "lets use all of our brainpower, think outside the box and have fun" project. This was not our first project together and an established relationship helped us to feel comfortable being bold. My clients were fearless, trusting and wanted something amazing. (Did you notice the orange Italian oven in the kitchen? The closest thing
to having a sports car in your kitchen you can get!)

We wanted an architecturally strong house so we started with an amazing kitchen, added reclaimed antique lights over the island and a new stone fireplace. Blue farmhouse doors, wide luxury plank floors designed to replicate reclaimed pine but hold up to kids and pets and farm life with no stress. Finally, an island that can do it ALL and a bath befitting any 5-star hotel finished out some of the greatest hits of this forever home. This home needed a complete floor plan remodel to function properly. We opened up windows to let in the amazing views and bring the outdoors in. It was an amazing experience!

It's always fun to do a full transformation but it's even better when you get to do it for great people that you get to remember fondly as friends.